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What to Pack for an 8 month trip... if you're me

Because Laura asked, here is my answer. Please keep in mind that I may not have made the most practical choices, but it's what seems to be working for me. The difficulty in packing for this trip is that we will be in both very hot climates and very cool ones (i.e. Bolivia and Nepal).

Somewhere in these piles include 3 sundresses, tank tops, 1 long skirt, cargo pants, hiking pants, 3 pairs of shorts, tshirts, pjs, 2 weeks worth of underwear, 3 bathing suits, a sarong (YEAH TISHA AND KATRINA D!!), socks, a scarf, 2 long sleeved shirts, and a rain jacket.

I bet you all thought I'd bring at least 8 pairs of shoes. Of course I was tempted to but my deterrent was my incapability to carry an extra 25kg on my back! So here are some nice platform sandles, flip flops for the shower, walking sandles (I call them my "old man shoes" because I'm pretty sure my Lolo -- that's "grandfather" in Filipino -- had the same ones! but WOW they are sooooo comfy), hiking shoes, and yes those are crocs. I can't believe I bought crocs either but I needed them for walking around in a cave where you have to climb over rocks and swim through pools. Just recently I left the crocs -- they were only $3 USD -- behind somewhere and purchased a pair of "water" shoes. If you've been white water rafting you'll know what I mean (no Milena, not the hideous ones we bought for white water rafting in Costa Rica!)

These are all the other stuff I brought to help me look less haggard on days I have time or when I am required to look less haggard. There's also a water purifier in there (thanks Andrew and Diane!). My e-reader is great because it's compact and we have some lonely planet guides on it. I still prefer books but they're too heavy. Of course I have my first aid kit and a ton of meds for a ton of different reasons.

So after packing everything, this is what it looks like:
As soon as we find a post office I'll be sending some unnecessary stuff home so hopefully I'll only be walking around with 2 backpacks minus the shopping bag!

(Note: My Lululemon shorts are all withstanding washers and dryers so YES feel at ease when travelling with your Lululemon gear! I will use this as my defense when purchasing my next Lululemon item to Derek -- "... but Derek they are soooo durable for travel!" haha!)

Thanks to Laura for the question! And thanks to Haze for helping me decide what to pack!!

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Wow very impressive that you fit all that in those bags and for 8 months traveling, I probably bring more home for a weekend @ my parents! Merry Christmas guys! Anne

by anne healey

Very interesting. Not that much stuff. I told Paul about your post, and how I was surprised you had no sweatpants or hoodie (which I never travel without) and Paul said it's because you are tough.

Do you and Derek each have your own e-reader? Which one did you get?

by Laura

Hey Laura! I have 1 hoodie (so no Paul -- I am not so tough! haha!) However, no sweatpants. Given the limited amount of space in my 65 L backpack I found them to be rather bulky (but it was a difficult decision to NOT include sweatpants!) I have convertible pants and cotton cargos instead -- they don't seem to take up much space.

I have the new Sony E-reader with touch screen for the following reasons:
- a tablet is more likely to attract negative attention and is difficult to read under sunlight
- the new Sony E-reader is functional since we can download and zoom in and out of maps/PDFs. Derek's current old Sony reader does not have a zoom in function and it was difficult to read maps this way.
- the Kobo reader at Chapters/Indigo was SUPER SLOW when turning from one page to another. I did not have the opportunity to test out a Kindle.

Botton line: It's very useful to travel with the E-reader and enjoy the zooming in function and touch screen!

by krisses

Anne!! Trust me -- if I could bring more I would! We do laundry at least once every week and a half and it's always about $10 CAD to do both mine and Derek's laundry. I bought powdered detergent for less than $2 here in Guatemala for a pack of 10 so that I can hand wash my delicates, using a large ziplock bag as my basin :)

by krisses

ur last photo cracked me up ... that's how i always look when I'm backpacking!!! the two loads even though different in weights ... somehow keeps you upright :)
i'm so jealous ... but sooo happy for you!!! safe travels!

by maricelle (preeeeceptor)

Thanks precepTOR! Hope the wedding planning is going well!

by krisses

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