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September 2011

Around the world or not?

some interesting stats on the trip courtesy of travellerspoint


More of my travel stats on Travellerspoint.com

If you click on the link for more stats you'll see we're not even close to covering the world in just this trip, but it's a good start! :)

I also fixed up the map to be a bit bigger so its easier to see our route.

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Yes, it's really going to happen!

Insurance... CHECK... One way tickets to Cancun.. CHECK

The line in the sand has been drawn and the first steps towards no-return have been taken.

I bought the medical insurance for our trip a week ago (its not cheap!!) and now I just booked a couple of one way tickets to Cancun!!! :)

They were on sale for $220 taxes in so the trip is starting out nice and cheap. If we can only continue to find deals like this the trip will be much cheaper than expected. The trip cost breakdown of my estimate is about 12-13K per person for everything on the ground (accommodations, food, sight seeing etc.) and 7K per person or so for flights. If we can keep flying for 200 a pop that may be less. BTW if anyone else wants to go with us to the Maya Riviera in early December I believe the round trip flight is only like $370 taxes in.

Why Cancun? because its close to where we want to be and the flights are cheap. We won't spend anytime there, just move on to Tulum right from the airport, its only a 3 hour bus ride away. In Tulum I found some really nice accommodations for around 70 per night in town and the beaches are just as good as Cancun or Playa del Carmen, except they are way less crowded. In fact I didn't book anything yet because I hear that there are beach huts right on the beach in that area that can be rented on a first come first serve basis for like 30-40$ per night. Its just a hut with a bed and a sand floor, but who needs more than that when you're in the tropics?

I started doing some research on Belize as well and there are some amazing islands, beaches and Mayan ruins in that country. In fact there are plenty of amazing Mayan ruins in Mexico and Guatemala as well. Tikal in Guatemala is the most famous site, but there are plenty others in the area that look just as great on pictures and in descriptions.

Here are some things we will want to see. Go ahead and google these to see if you want to join us!

Sian-Ka'an reserve

Northern Cayes - Ambergris Caye, Caulker Caye, Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef


Probably won't make all of these, but its at least a list of interesting things to start with. In fact Guatemala is not even on our larger plan because of the dangerous situation in the country right now. However, things change, and as we travel we can find out about the situation on the ground and decide from there. Good to know what there is to see either way!

This is as far as I got so far but I thought I'd share. I'm just excited that we are now taking real steps towards going. It's starting to become real!!

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