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November 2011

Day 1, hopefully nothing like the rest

I guess it's best to get all the bad luck out of the way right of the bat?

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A big part of why anyone does a trip like this is the adventure part of it. I was looking forward to some unexpected situations and obstacles, and it is that we got on our first day.

The day started innocently enough waking up at 3:45am and heading to the airport for 5:20am to be there 2 hrs prior to the 7:20am flight time. My sister dropped us off and we checked in our luggage and were just about to head to customs when the security guard stopped me and asked me to fill in the US customs form before heading further. It was a lucky break, since as I was doing that Kristine realized we completely forgot to take our Dukarol (drinkable vaccine against Montezuemas revenge) and we wouldn't be able to take it through security. We backtracked and I went to Tim Hortons to get buy water to take the vaccine, and it is then I realized I didn't have my wallet!

My stomach sank and I panicked, called my sister and asked her to go home and get the wallet and bring to the airport, knowing full well that she was not likely to get back in time. As I was trying to figure out in my head how it could be possible to ship my wallet safely to Mexico, it hit me, friends of mine were going to be flying to the Myan Riviera in a couple of days so I could ask them to take it since we were going to meet up anyway. Problem solved! Called my sister off from her impossible errand, all is good with the world again.

Got through customs, checked baggage, got to the gate. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. It's now 30 minutes AFTER scheduled boarding time. I go to ask the girl at the counter, but she beats me to the punch and announces that they had towed the wrong plane to the gate, and the they are now looking for the right one to tow here, so we will be a "little" delayed. Looking for it? How do you exactly misplace an entire plane? Sigh. Long story short, the plane left at 9am instead of the scheduled 7:20am. My sister could have easily gotten my wallet.

The connecting flight from Atlanta was at 11am and boarding started at 10am. We landed at 10:30. The mad rush from the domestic gate we arrived at to an entirely different terminal to catch the connection was actually kind of fun and the most exercise I've had in months. We made it but as we were about to take off Kristine said "Hmmm, I didn't hear the luggage door close after we sat down". Sure enough as we got to Cancun the luggage did not. It seems they found it somewhere in Atlanta and are now sending it here, but it might be a day before we see it, and we did not pack much in our carry-ons. OK, now really, nothing else could go wrong.

I thought, I should make the best of this, so let's capture some of the frustration we're feeling on Video. I look into my carry-on for my camera, and to my total shock and disbelief the camera isn't there. I ask Kristine if she has it but she says No. I distinctly remember taking a couple of pictures at the Toronto Airport and then putting the camera into my carry-on. I start frantically searching for the camera but nothing. However, I find the cord that goes from the charger to the camera, a standard HDMI to USB cable. Curiously though I cannot find the proprietary Sony adapter that this plugs into. The only things missing from my bag are the camera and the proprietary adapter for it.

Normally I would say I probably lost it and it was my first reaction. However, while I may have taken the camera out, I had no reason to take the adapter out, or unplug the cable that was plugged into it. I really think the camera was somehow stolen while the bag was in the overhead compartments on the Toronto to Atlanta flight.

So there you have it. I left my wallet at home, I was 2 hrs delayed because Pearson airport misplaced my plane, my luggage did not make the connection I barely made, and my camera was most likely stolen. All in one day.

On the positive side hopefully I am getting all the bad luck out of the way in one shot!

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Visa hunting is complete

It pays to be a dual citizen

When my parents decided to keep our Polish citizenships as they immigrated to Canada I bet they never thought the Passport would be as valuable as it is today. When they left the country it was a communist waste land with no hope for the future short of a bloody revolution. of course it turns out history was kind to Poland and a peaceful transition to democracy took place. Only 20 years later Poland is now one of the strongest economies in Europe. Not sure exactly why I mention this in so much detail except maybe I feel a bit of pride even if I had little to do with it.

When looking into Visas for various countries it turns out having an EU passport is very valuable. Canadians need Visas to Australia, Japan, Brazil and Paraguay, while EU citizens do not. The majority of African Visas can be obtained on arrival, and even though some of them can be obtained ahead of time, they are only valid for 90 days or so from date of issue, and we won't be in Africa until June.

The Brazilian one is a bit tricky because Kristine still needs to get one even if I don't, but with 90 days validity, we can't really get it ahead of time. I guess it's time to find a way to make Kristine a Polish citizen :) well that, or just get the Visa when we're in Uruguay.

Since we're not going to Australia or Japan this time around, in the end amazingly the only Visa we needed to get before leaving is the Indian one. Mission Accomplished!


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Video Blogging Yay!

Nice Salty... or Freshie?

Words, sentences and writing articles on your blog travel blog is great, but it is a bit passe these days. While we do intend to write on the blog throughout our trip, it's clear the kids today need a bit more "Zazz" to keep their attention. The good thing is that nowadays even my crappy Netbook is good enough to process Videos, so I thought I'd give it a try. Here is a little video of a friend we made in Australia back in March:

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